You will need
  • a good tinting film, preferably metallic, 3 m;
  • shampoo not less than 200 ml;
  • - rubber spatula-the eraser to displace the water;
  • - very sharp knife;
  • - a spray bottle (manual).
Pre-dismantle all glass with a VAZ-2107, designed for toning. Proceed according to the instruction manual. Wash them thoroughly (you can do it before removal), ensuring a perfect cleanliness in the corners. Measure the glass to ensure accuracy. According to the obtained sizes of cut film, leaving allowances by 5 cm on each side. Cutting the film to perform better on a suitable piece of worthless glass.
Together with the assistant divide film on the transparent and dark parts. Thus the assistant should hold the film. Removing the transparent layer, continuously moisten the dark with a solution of shampoo. Pass dark the film layer to the assistant that he continuously supported her in the wet state. Transparent layer throw.
Apply shampoo solution on the glass spray from the top down. After that, take the tape over the edges and attach it to the glass adhesive to the surface. If you are using a plastic scraper, put on top of a dark layer of film is transparent, so that when the smoothing not to leave scratches.
With a rubber spatula smooth out the film, expelling the water and air bubbles from the center to the edges. Start by holding the wrap and gently tapping the spatula. The pressing force increase gradually, carefully expelling the air and water. Not in a hurry. An hour later after the procedure, carefully cut the film leaving a margin of 1 cm After 8 hours you can trim the tape at the root.
To accelerate the drying process of glasses direct the flow of warm air to the fresh tint. This can be done using any Hairdryer. During circumcision, the tapes hold the knife at an angle of 30 degrees to the film surface. Dry the toning within 48 hours and set the glass on VAZ-2107.
For tinting front side Windows using a film with a light transmission capacity of at least 85%. On the windshield of this technology apply the tinted strip. The rear window is very hard to self-shading. Getting to the tinted rear window, narbutaite some experience on the side Windows.