You will need
  • Battery, radio.
Remember that the main power source is a battery. It will also be the main culprit of trouble if the positive wire from it gets to minus receiver or any of the speaker terminals. The radio is powered from the battery or from the ignition switch. The positive wire is better to use copper wire of sufficiently large cross-section. Try to make it as short as possible, as well as the negative lead.
The data strip wires spend away from other consumers and without the use of twists. Do not connect them directly to the radio, do so after the speaker connections. The speaker terminals have positive and negative clamps that vary in thickness: a narrow terminal is "-", and wide is "+". Remember that improper phasing of the speakers will result in the loss of sound quality and the failure of the device.
Ensure that small chips don't get into the columns when they are installed in nonstandard places, for example in doors or the rear shelf. To avoid damage appliance, before installation carefully wipe the seats. When buying oval speakers place them so that the short axis was directed along the diagonal of the cabin.
Check the connecting wires, which are attached with acoustics. If their section is about 0.25-0.5 square millimeters, then think about replacing this wiring. After all, high-quality sound speaker power 40 W, it is necessary to use a wire, the cross section of which is greater than 1 square millimeter.
Remember that the connection should not have a large number of twists. All wires do not lay on the cabin. Before final installation of acoustic equipment conduct a test on and test it.
How to install acoustics in 2107