Fabric kulirka – what is it?

If you give a short description of the fabric is a special kind of knitted fabrics, the basic structure element of which is a loop made of connective stringing and frame.

If to speak about more, then this is a unique fabric which does not lose its shape, retains its length and stretch in width. It is executed from either 100% cotton or cotton with a small amount of lycra, which gives the fiber greater durability, elasticity and dimensional stability.

Also kulirka can be made of cotton material with added elastane. In this case, is made of her clothing is stretched faster, stronger, wrinkled, prone to slight shrinkage after washing.

The types culliney fabric and its advantages

In appearance the fabric kulirnaya surface is divided into melange, dyed and printed. The first – made of colored thread matching tone. The second can be a variety of colors. The third is drawing. Any of them fit well all types of application including screen printing and turbomachine. Each has excellent air permeability, absorbs moisture well, does not require special care. After washing kulirnaya fabric does not shrink.

That is made from Smoking?

From kulinai fabric sew clothes for adults and kids.

Kulirka - the universal and very thin fabric, and therefore made of her clothes is a light, convenient, suitable for the warm season. T-shirts, shorts, skirts and robes, chemises and sleepwear, dresses and tunics, men's shirts, made from it, practical and very comfortable. Underwear – nice close to the body, tightens and allows the skin to breathe. Assortment for kids of this knitted fabric is huge. It's undershirts and Romper, shorts, dresses and t-shirts, skirts, and more.Dr. All things for children are very soft, absorbent, soft to the touch. They do not shed and do not sit down after washing, can keep its color.

Where can you buy colornow fabric?

Today kulirka knitted fabric is sold in almost every specialty fabric store, both conventional and virtual. When choosing, pay attention to cotton material. If you find one that is made up of pure cotton feel free to purchase it kulirka. Sew it different beautiful things for yourself and your family. Be sure that she won't let you down.