You will need
  • - Easy Recovery.
Note that in any case it is not necessary to write to the USB drive any information. The more you use the drive after formatting, the less chance you have of recovering files. Download and install Easy Recovery. For this purpose, use system hard disk partition.
Connect formatted USB drive to the appropriate port of the computer or laptop. Run Easy Recovery. In the quick launch menu, point to Data Recovery. In the opened window, select menu Format Recovery. In the left window select the desired USB drive. Be sure to specify the previous file system type of the stick. Click the Next button.
Wait some time for the tool to gather information about the files previously stored on the USB drive. This process can take a long time. A lot depends on your computer's performance and speed used stick. Wait until the new menu.
Now, select the checkboxes of those filesthat you want to restore. If you want to return all available information, just scroll to the top of the gurneys in the left menu. Click the Next button. Enter the hard drive partition and the folder in which you want to restore deleted files. Again click Next and wait until the process of recovery.
If you need to recover documents of a certain type, in the quick launch, select menu File Repair. Select the document type in the menu. It can be text documents, spreadsheets and presentations created using the programs in the Microsoft Office Suite. Follow a similar algorithm to search and recover lost data.