You will need
  • Software Hetman Data Recovery.
This program is a kit which includes a utility Hetman Uneraser and Hetman Photo Recovery. They will help to make the restoration of data accidentally deleted and erased from the disk a full format. Data recovery is possible not only from hard drives but also with flash-drives (memory cards, mobile phones, usb flash), which makes the program versatile.
After starting the program is enough to run "data recovery Wizard". Run it, answer all the questions that will appear in the program, thus the "data recovery Wizard" helps you to quickly recover deleted information since before you was not engaged.
If you are familiar with data recovery, click "Deep analysis". Utility will scan the hard drive will reveal all the deleted files. To recover files, check the boxes next to these files, then click "Recover".
Click on the button "save to disk" will allow you to make a disk image that has the desired information. Working with disk images you can work with a real hard drive, not afraid to overwrite any file. After creating the disc image, click Mount disc, and Close the disk".
If your hard drive were once the partition was erased or formatted, use the "Find a drive". Saving files, this program may not only to your hard drive, but CD/DVD-ROM, and virtual server via FTP connection.