Carefully think about the possible consequences of the renewed relationship. Weigh all the "pros" and "cons". Analyzing your past relationships will be much more effective if you are not going to produce it in the mind, and reflect all on paper. Take a sheet of paper and draw a vertical center line to make two columns. On the left, list all the pros of your relationship with the former spouse and the right - cons. Do not rush to make a decision, go to this issue seriously! Keep in mind that the analysis phase can take more than one day. When the list is finished, compare the results of both columns. Based on this you can conclude whether or not to renew. If you are able with some confidence to admit to yourself that you really want to return the former spouse, proceed to the next step.
Make your ex wife love you again, will have to reevaluate. First and foremost you need to think about that most was the cause of your quarrels. Remember that you annoyed your spouse. Bring to mind many conflicts as you can, and isolate from all these cases the common elements that from time to time become a bone of contention for you.
You must learn to admit their mistakes. Until that happens with your consciousness - you will again and again face problems. Imagine your reluctance to admit their own guilt in the form of dam which creates a barrier to the flow of negativity. This flow of negative emotions can't just flow past you, being in the power flow. The opposite happens - it accumulates, due to the dam, and this process is discharge of emotion lasts as long as they are not getting enough to blow the dam to smithereens.
Once you manage to identify the background of family conflicts - start eradicate in yourself those traits that provoked them.
Learn to listen to the former spouse. Many of the problems people arise from the fact that they seem to listen to each other, but absolutely can't hear. You have to learn the art is to hear a loved one, his wishes, discontent, complaints, accusations, recriminations. Only then you will be able to pay them in praise, gratitude and even pride.
Learn to talk about your feelings. It's simple and difficult at the same time. Don't be afraid to admit your ex-spouse, in their most sincere impulses. Put all, as the spirit! Let her know you need her, that, having lost it, realized how empty and sad your life is without her beloved. Let him know that for her sake you learned how to be different and continue to change, but would not see her tears, just like her, if only to be worthy of her.