What you need to know when buying a helmet:

1. They have you fully covered and in any case not to hang or be wrinkled in the knees.

2. It is better to give preference to pants from lycra - they fit better and longer you will last.

3. The ideal length is to the ankle, not above or below.

Now let's talk about how to combine leggings. The most simple but not less interesting variant - black leggings complete with a black top and high heels. The same thing can be done, replacing the top on a black shirt, this also is perfect black sandals.

Another way suitable for work and Dating. Black leggings with leather tint you can pick up a lightweight top and top wear a cropped, fitted jacket. There will also be appropriate dark stilettos with a little purse clutch.

As for colored leggings, they can be combined with different variations of colorful tops and tunics. This creates a juicy summer look.

In the winter leggings can be worn under a knitted sweater, close-fitting dresses or cardigans. It will be good to tuck in trousers in high boots-thigh boots, or you can combine them with ankle boots.

For the cold season leggings are a definite output, if you want or need to wear a short skirt or dress, but do you think that will freeze in tights. You can complement the look with a belt or chain, tied at the waist.

The image, which would not require a large amount of time - leggins with white turtleneck and denim jacket on top. This youth-version, suitable for busy and hardworking people.

And during a rain you can wear black pants, long coat and boots, umbrella in hand - and you are guaranteed not to freeze and not dry. Besides it will look fashionable.

Thus, the pants have many advantages over other options of pants, especially they are indispensable while not quite warm days. Besides, they are able to highlight your slender and sexy and will undoubtedly attract the attention of the opposite sex. And with them all combined, there is not even necessary to have excellent taste.