To resolve Padalino from iron with pants and any other clothes, apply lemon juice on the damaged area, on top of a little sprinkle of powdered sugar and leave it until completely dry. As soon as the thing dries out - wash it in cold water.
Moisten Padalino on pantsAh in cold water, then sprinkle the wet spot with fine salt. It is desirable that the wet spot had dried in the sun. After the final drying, it is additionally necessary to rinse pantsin cold water.
Poppalina for pantsAh also eliminated with the help of hydrogen peroxide. Apply a little of peroxide to the problem area. Wait until dry the treated area. Then rinse pantsin cold water.
Cut in half onions. Wipe the inner side of the halves of the bulbs are the problem area on the pantsAh. Next, apply Padalino a bit of powder, diluted in water, and RUB (powder you can substitute liquid for delicate washing). Then rinse clothes in cold water.
If podpaliny remained on light pantsOh, of linen or cotton cloth, do not despair. All you need to do is mix in a bowl of cold water and sour milk. Soak in the resulting solution pantsI. after 7-8 hours wash clothes.
The above methods are often effective, but in some cases may not bring the desired result. Still here it is necessary to consider many factors, including the kind and texture of fabric. In this case, you better ask for professional help to the cleaners, where through the efforts of specialists your pantsagain and certainly will acquire.