You will need
  • - SanPiN with the latest changes;
  • - The order and Decree of the Chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation "Sanitary rules for transportation of children by rail the organized children's collectives" (SP 2.5.1277-03);
  • - appropriate room;
  • tourist equipment;
  • - examples of accounting records.
Evaluate what forces you have and the organization which camp they will last. They differ in time, location, the best in their children. The camp could operate year-round, season or part season. To place children in a hospital room, in tents or in rented premises. The baby can stay in the camp all day and night, day or few hours. Quite often used this organizational form, as the placement in families of local residents. As a rule, creative or sports camp exchange. Select the appropriate form of the camp.
Review regulatory documents. Sanitary requirements for children's camps are pretty tight, they must be observed. This is especially for the camp around the clock stay of children. Note that in either case you will have to invite employees of the sanitary-epidemiological service. So just try to fulfill all the legal requirements.
Select the direction of the camp. It can be health, sports, labor, aesthetic, intellectual. Think about what children will study there. Try to enlist the support of local authorities. As a rule, children camps subordinated to the Department of education. But they can organize and sport Committee, and the Department of culture and Department of social welfare, and religious organizations. Offer your idea and convince the representative of the corresponding structure in its usefulness. You can help to find a room and even to obtain financing, as well as to resolve issues with supervisors.
Look for a room. Its size depends on the number of children of their time and focus. The facility must meet the safety requirements, including fire. Contact Department of management of municipal or state property, learn about the availability of such a facility in the desired location and type of the value of their lease. Invite the employee Gospozhnadzora to check. Try to choose a room which does not need serious repairs. For the camp, prepare the necessary number of equipment. In addition to residential tents, there should be some sort of staff and medical office, as well as a place for food storage.
Think about nutrition. If satisfied with the camp in the premises of the school or kindergarten, kids to feed can be the same. In the absence of food agree with a dining room or cafe. You can sign the contract for permanent service, to develop a sample menu and calculate the approximate cost of food for each month and for the day. The campground determine a place in the kitchen. To cook on the campfire or on gas stoves. In the latter case, care should be taken to cylinders.
Dial the staff. Regardless of whether you work with children your associates on a voluntary basis or you will have to hire professionals, make a list in advance. Future employees must be able to have sanitary book and the physical examination. Those who work with children or catering, additional medical examination is not required if they have not expired old.
Having estimated all possible expenses, make a budget and think about where you'll take the money. Possibilities a lot. You can organize the camp entirely at the expense of the parents. This is the best option in a situation when you do not need to involve any professionals, and I only need money for food, transportation, purchase of materials etc. If all parents working for the same company, you can try to apply to his leadership. With the support of the local authorities, you can get funding from the budget. However, only in the case if you care about the future of the camp about a year before its opening.