You will need
  • premises;
  • -a lesson plan;
  • -information stands.
Decide the location. Classes in detention should not interfere with core educational process. But because it is necessary to understand the overall schedule of the educational institution to enter into his plan of operation the extended-day groups. Ideally you need to for this group was a separate room that will be decorated with a theme reflecting the activities of children here. The Cabinet should meet sanitary-epidemiological norms is illumination, size and ventilation. Also keep in mind when organizing day-care centers and General filling Assembly or sports halls of the school. This is necessary in order to bring together your students can smoothly arrange your extracurricular activities there.
Remember that after-school programs recruit children at the written request of the parents. However, keep in mind the fact that it can not accommodate so many people. As a rule, the number of children in detention varies between one class, i.e. 25 people. More, according to experts, is impractical.
Observe another very important condition for the organization of day-care centers are skilled and professional teachers who will work with children. As a rule, to work in the after school club staff recruited teachers and leaders of various groups and sections of the school, which caters to children.
Also in the preparation of extended-day groups to work do not forget about the menu planning and nutrition. Usually for children in detention hot meal is available twice.
Also take care about the design of your room, where is a group. Necessarily there should be comfortable conditions for the implementation of children's homework. In addition, the ideal option would be the wall or stands with the works of students. For example, if children are engaged in the circle of fine arts, then it is advisable to put their works on public display. The stand posting information about the achievements of the pupils and plan upcoming events. Also you can make stand for parents.
Also don't forget about the fact that the organization of day-care centers need to develop a special program of outdoor games. Because children have to walk, so exercise in the fresh air included in the obligatory program at the middle school.