Advice 1: How to register a patent

Many of the authors original ideas opposed to their ideas was embodied in the lives of other people. Great idea along with other components – suggests a successful business. Unfortunately, to patent the idea impossible. But you can patent an invention, useful model or industrial sample.
Thomas Edison also received a patent and became a world famous inventor
Under the invention is commonly understood as a technical solution in any field relating to the product (device, strain of microorganism, culture of animal or plant cells and the like) or method. But protection is granted only to the invention that are novel, involve an inventive step and is industrially applicable.
The utility model is a device, which have a lower level of creativity than inventions. Because a utility model is often referred to as a "small invention". The requirements of novelty and industrial applicability to the model are the same as those of the invention.
Industrial design can also be patented. It's the artistic and design solution that determines the appearance of this product. Just keep in mind that the need of the patent appearance must be new and original. But services that are sometimes confused with the art-design decision, the patent does not belong. You can patent just a way to service that if it is new, fresh and original or inventive step.
To obtain a patent you need to apply for it. And applications need a number of documents:
The application for grant of a patent, which shall bear the inventor and the person in whose name the patent is requested and their places of residence;
Description of the invention that discloses it with sufficient understanding and implementation completeness;
The formula of the invention, showing the validity of the patent;
May also be present in the drawings of the object or other materials.
Now, the timing of patent: patents for inventions is given for a period of 20 years for industrial designs is 15 years and for utility models and 10 years, respectively.
To get an international patent should inform the patent office of the country in which you wish to patent. This can be done through regional or national attorneys. You also need to remember that the application for an international patent can only be filed six months after the application for patent in the Russian Federation.

Advice 2 : How to obtain work permits for labor migrants in 2016

Under the new legislation, foreign citizens who arrive to Russia from countries with visa-free regime has to apply for patents. In 2015 they have replaced work permits.
patent migrants in 2016
You will need
  • - application for grant of a patent;
  • - passport (with notarized translation into Russian language);
  • - migration card with a mark about the purpose of arrival;
  • - certificate of Russian language proficiency, knowledge of history of Russia and fundamentals of legislation;
  • - voluntary health insurance policy issued in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • - certificate of absence of drug addiction and dangerous infectious diseases;
  • - certificate of absence of HIV infection;
  • - a document confirming the advance payment of personal income tax in a fixed amount;
  • - documents on registration at the place of stay.
Earlier patents entitled for work only individuals. Now they distribute the action and work of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. It is necessary to obtain separate patents for work in the legal or physical entities. it Should also be noted that a patent is valid only within one region.
To obtain a patent a foreign citizen must apply personally to the regional Department of the FMS. He needs to write an application for a patent and to make an impressive package of documents. All of these documents are mandatory and the absence of any of them, may be grounds for denial.
In the case of a positive decision, the foreign citizen will issue a patent within 10 working days after submission of the application. The patent is issued at personal visit to the passport.
The patent period of validity - from one month to one year. The patent term is set to the period for which paid income tax. Payment is due in advance and paid for the patent shall be extended automatically without the need for a visit to FMS. In the case of non-patent terminates the term of its action the next day.
The value of patents varies depending on the subject of the Russian Federation. For example, for Moscow and region monthly personal income tax in 2016 is set at 4200 R. for the Tomsk region - 2500 R. One of the most valuable patents in Yakutia and Chukotka - 7000 and 8000 R.
Within two months from the date of issuance of a patent a foreign citizen who has concluded labour or civil contract, shall provide FMS with a copy. This can be done in person or by registered mail.
The patent covers the representatives of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. Citizens of Belarus and Kazakhstan to patents is required. Other foreigners would still have to issue a work permit.
Useful advice
The application for a patent must be filed within 30 days from the date of entry to Russia. The penalty for late registration ranges from 10 to 15 thousand rubles must be paid before the time of applying for a patent.

Advice 3 : How to draw the alien according to the patent in 2016

2015 changed the order of employment of foreign citizens. If informed they needed a work permit, but now some categories of migrants are required to provide patent.
How to draw the alien according to the patent in 2016


Who are referred to employment law changes

Recent changes in legislation do not cancel the work permit. They are still required to provide all foreigners coming from countries with which Russia operates a visa regime.

The patent applies to citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. On the basis of migrants can legally register to work. Importantly, the patent was designed to work at legal entities.

What documents are needed for registration in the state of entering without visa

When making a job a foreigner has to provide:

  • migration card with the working purpose of the visit;
  • patent;
  • passport;
  • the work book (in the absence of a Russian work book, it draws the employer);
  • the insurance certificate is also issued the first Russian employer);
  • the document on education (if the job requires a relevant qualification);
  • certificate of absence of criminal record (if necessary);
  • VHI, obtained from a Russian insurance company.

A patent should issue to the employee, the employer does not participate in this process. A patent is valid only in the territory of one region in which it is received. This means that you will not be able to employ a worker in Moscow on a patent issued in the Tula region.

Interaction with the FMS

Within three days after the conclusion of labor or civil law contract with foreign employer is obliged to notify FMS about it. This can be done in person or by sending the appropriate form in the mail. The same time allocated on the notice of dismissal of a foreign worker.

How to pay personal income tax on income of foreign employees

Workers for obtaining a patent are required to pay personal income tax for each month for which it is issued. The size of the personal income tax in each region of Russia is different. An employer who is a tax agent, should reduce the transfer tax on the amount paid by the migrant in advance. But first you should contact the FNS, where to get permission for the reduction and the amount of the paid advance.

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