Under the invention is commonly understood as a technical solution in any field relating to the product (device, strain of microorganism, culture of animal or plant cells and the like) or method. But protection is granted only to the invention that are novel, involve an inventive step and is industrially applicable.
The utility model is a device, which have a lower level of creativity than inventions. Because a utility model is often referred to as a "small invention". The requirements of novelty and industrial applicability to the model are the same as those of the invention.
Industrial design can also be patented. It's the artistic and design solution that determines the appearance of this product. Just keep in mind that the need of the patent appearance must be new and original. But services that are sometimes confused with the art-design decision, the patent does not belong. You can patent just a way to service that if it is new, fresh and original or inventive step.
To obtain a patent you need to apply for it. And applications need a number of documents:
The application for grant of a patent, which shall bear the inventor and the person in whose name the patent is requested and their places of residence;
Description of the invention that discloses it with sufficient understanding and implementation completeness;
The formula of the invention, showing the validity of the patent;
May also be present in the drawings of the object or other materials.
Now, the timing of patent: patents for inventions is given for a period of 20 years for industrial designs is 15 years and for utility models and 10 years, respectively.
To get an international patent should inform the patent office of the country in which you wish to patent. This can be done through regional or national attorneys. You also need to remember that the application for an international patent can only be filed six months after the application for patent in the Russian Federation.