You will need
  • - migration card
  • - passport,
  • INN,
  • - receipt of payment of the state fee
  • - 3 photos
Many people from abroad moved to Russia in search of paid work. However, not all newcomers properly draw up the documents, although there is a real opportunity to legally and safely work in Russia. A patent is the best for those who are going to work in the Russian Federation.
Patent – represents the permission to migrants to enter the country without a visa, to be employed by a private individual. On the basis of this document, a foreign citizen may provide one-time services to a natural person to conclude a contract for the provision of services and to obtain cash income from their activities. Patent suit workers who are planning to apply to private owners as domestic workers – maid, gardener, watchmen, etc. a Patent does not give the right to conduct its business, or work for a legal entity. For these cases the permit to work.
Patents draws only migration service of Russia, where there is a Department on labour migration. Unlike permissions work, which is extremely limited in every region of the country, patents can be bought in an unlimited number.
For the purchase of a patent must be submitted in the office of IIN (Individual Identification Number) which is issued by the tax service at the place of registration of the migrant.
The foreigner has to bring a national passport and a valid migration card with a mark about entrance. The application for grant of a patent is filled in Russian language, at the top of each form is provided transliteration.
In 2014, the patent became more expensive and was worth 1216 rubles, the payment receipt, you can obtain in a savings Bank, applied to the package of documents should be sure its original.
Require a photo of the foreign citizen for 3.5*4.5 cm Indicated the list of documents deposited in the body of the Federal Migration Service.
A patent is valid for one year, every 1-3 months its effect you can roll over. After one year, the worker has the right to obtain a new patent; if the period of stay in Russia has expired while the new patent is not received, the worker shall within the next fifteen days to leave Russia. Otherwise, it establishes the status of the illegal migrant subject to deportation. The patent to repeatedly quite simple, only need to re-pay the state fee in any branch of Sberbank.
The process of registration is ten days from the date of submission of documents to the FMS. To patent work should be exclusively the place where a citizen is planning to work. Plus patent that do not have to renew the registration if its term is over, because a patent provides the right to stay in Russia.