First of all, make a qualitative description of the claimed technical solution, which is better to build according to the following scheme:
- the name of the invention;
- the area to which applies the invention;
- state of the art;
the essence of the invention;
- necessary drawings, drawings, diagrams, photographs, which can clarify the essence of the invention with brief explanations of their content;
- information that confirm the possibility of implementation of the invention;
- other information that the applicant considers necessary to inform.
After you conclude with the client a contract for the provision of patent legal services, conclude an agreement of confidentiality of the received information.
Having a description of the technical solution perform a preliminary patent search. Such a search is conducted prior to the filing of the application with Rospatent. Its purpose is to establish the fundamental possibility and expediency of applying for a patent for the invention. In the course of the search a response will be received about the presence of novelty of the studied technical solutions (or lack thereof), and the presence or absence of inventive step.
After completing the patent search, grant the principal a written report on the work carried out. If conclusions are made about the appropriateness of patenting, the next step you will prepare the application for filing it in Rospatent, agree with the applicant of the invention. After completing these procedures, send us an application for a patent in the Federal service in compliance with all prescribed rules.
After the application goes to the appropriate authority, it will be two stage of examination. On the basis of the made examination a positive decision on the grant of a patent and the payment of the prescribed state fee, the Agency makes the invention in the State register of inventions of the Russian Federation. Then issues the patent for the invention.
Forpatenting the invention it will be much easier to entrust this matter to the patent firm.