First we need to completely shut off the gas supply to the apartment. For connection to the gas panel and the oven it is recommended to use no more than two releasable connecting pipes. One tube installs on the valve and the other in the gas stove. In all other points of the inlet pipeline it is best to perform the weld. In a pinch, you can use metal bellows wiring. However, it can be used only to connect the stove to the gas pipe. The welded joint is considered to be more secure. It is not recommended to do the wiring reinforced, which was very popular a few years ago.
When the gas panel and oven installed, you need to go to settings. The correct settings will ensure the normal operation of the gas panel. You must correctly adjust the minimum flame of each burner and set the position of the contacts of the thermocouple. They are part of a locking valve for the gas control. This valve will adjust the supply of gas to the burner. It is kept open by supplying him power, which is generated by heating the thermocouple.
The connection of gas panels and ovens are only permitted in areas of pipe that go after the gas valve. To the gas valve is forbidden to mount any devices. If all the same to do this is essential, you should address to experts of service of gas. They must have a building license and a license for the construction of gas pipelines. It is mandatory should be drafted. Must be made and its coordination with gas service.