You will need
  • - optimization program.
Make sure that the second core of the processor is disabled. To do this, open Windows task Manager by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Delete or Ctrl+Shift+Esc then navigate to system performance. Notice how many parts is divided the download box CPU, if two, both cores are turned on and functioning at the proper level.
In the case where there is only one - two in the operating system Windows XP, download and install an optimization program that configures the operation of the processor. After installation go to manage your computer's hardware and activate both cores of the processor. Mandatory, restart the computer, even if not required by the optimization program, do not forget to save the changes.
To test the operation of both cores on the machine turn it on and run any game or program's system requirements which suggest that you have a dual core processor. Run task Manager and in the view tab of system performance, review the workload of both elements. It may be different for them because the load is not always distributed equally.
Turn on the second core of the CPU using driver rollback motherboard installed in your computer. To prepare a driver for installation, best updated version. Reinstall the software, then again restart the computer.
Check the operation of both cores in device Manager. This sequence works in very rare cases. You can also try a system restore from an earlier condition, but in this case, will be cancelled and the rest of the changes over a period of time.