Classic form

A simple hood classic shape without calling on the clasp. Such hoods are attached to the sports jackets, windbreakers, sweatshirts, dress shirts, light summer and spring clothes. Since the cut on this style of headgear is not fastened, it is not intended for winter outerwear. In children and sport options broaching drawstring at the end.

Recently hoods perform more decorative than practical function. They are nailed in order to give the clothes a certain way: hooded coat becomes a flying, Cape – democratic. However, in the Russian climate the hood in any case will not be superfluous. Few people carries with him constantly the umbrella and hat and weather protection you may need at any time.

Helmet hood

Reliable hood sunset on the clasp. This design is used when sewing warm winter and autumn jackets and children's clothing. Buttoned and wearing a hood, people provides a very good protection from rain, wind and snow. Structurally this species is characterized by the presence in the lower part of the additional lengths of fabric.

Additional sections of tissue are intended to equip the edges of the fastening: button or the button. It is more functional than decorative, the look of the hood, as it closed too tightly to the head, spoils the hair and not for everyone, but well protected from the weather. In especially warm winter clothes inside hood optional insulated fleece, and because of this, creates almost insurmountable for rain and wind barrier.


Collar-hood looks very nice and stylish. This collar is specifically made together with clothes from a single piece of fabric, but you can also set options such hoods. As usual it falls in soft folds on clothing and represents a broad collar. If such a hood to wear, it turns into a stylish shawl, loosely covering the head.

Collars-hoods love women. This species has one big plus: the hood is almost spoiled hair. It is quite possible to throw a head out of the car, and take off, going into the room. The shawl looks very elegant and blends with the attire of an inmate of the big city. From a functional point of view, such a hood is impractical: it is poorly protected from the cold and is easily blown away in the first gust of wind.