You will need
  • cell phone;
  • computer;
  • cable to connect the phone to the computer (Bluetooth or infrared);
  • driver for phone.
Call the operator and ask him to send you automatic settings for GPRS-Internet (if not connected) and configure in order to use the phone as a modem. Check the cost traffic and all possible discounts on the mobile Internet. Select suitable conditions. Be sure to connect GPRS, it will save the message sent by the operator and restart the phone. Other settings not yet use, you will need it later.
Find special driver for cell phone. Perhaps they walked with him in the kit. Install the driver on your computer and restart it. Either connect the phone and enter their location, then the installation will go automatically.
Connect phone with your PC. You can use cable, Bluetooth or infrared port (in this case, place the phone so the device was almost connected and do not remove it, otherwise the link will be lost). Write down the settings that you sent the service provider. Configure the phone to work with the computer. Most often, he offers the required steps. During the work with cell through your computer it does not accept calls or texts.
Follow all that was written in the message from the operator. Create a connection to the Internet in the computer with the necessary parameters (all this is in the sent SMS). Do not forget to specify the country in which you are. It will be proposed when you create the connection. Turn off the setting in the computer all of the updates which he can download, startup page and all pictures on the sites. The speed will be very low if you leave everything unchanged.
Send a shortcut of the connection you created on the desktop. Click on it twice with the left mouse button. Enter the username and password specified in the message from the operator. Click OK. Start a browser and use the Internet.