Technically, the placement process summary for sites in search of work is simple: the applicant visits the website, registers, finds the form for summary and fills it. In some cases you can load an existing summary in Word format - the site itself will recognize it and fill in the form for the applicant. Further summary is moderated (on most sites), and after moderation, you are ready to work with him - i.e. directly sending it to the desired position.
It may seem that the form of a summary, the proposed sites are too detailed. Even the student who in summary writing almost nothing, it will take to fill this form at least 15-20 minutes. However, the more it is written in the applicant's summary, so it could be more interesting to the employer. So do not "forget" about additional education, though not by profession, first jobs like call centers etc. and Let it all doesn't matter much at the moment, but the fact that the applicant, several diplomas can make a favorable impression.
As a rule, forms for summary contain hints, but if not, then it is worth remembering that jobs are listed in reverse order (i.e. starting with the latest). With regard to education, the first must be specified the basic education, and then everything extra, even if they are more important.
Most of the items in the summary should fill in, even if they are not marked as required and relate to personal information. For example, your marital status or the presence of children should specify, almost all employers were interested in it. But the indication of Hobbies and religious beliefs should be approached with caution: always will look good, such as reading or travel, but such a hobby like extreme sports can be alerted. What if the employee breaks a leg at a ski resort and will not be able to go to work for three weeks? Religious views are better left unfilled - this is really a personal question.
Accommodation summary - this is only the first step to finding a good job. Sending summary on any jobs, don't forget to send and cover letters: they will help to draw attention to your summary. If the employer takes too long to respond to your summary, but are you sure that the summary has to interest him, you should call his HR Department and ask if the company had received your summary.