Creating a summary, use positive expressions and clear language, avoid confusing flowery phrases. Be prepared to document all these facts. Make a summary on thick quality paper, adhere to the business style. Before starting the description, consider and formulate your goals: what position you would like to have, what duties to perform and what have a salary.
Structure the information contained in the document. Create sections with titles. In each block place the data accordingly to the theme. In the "Personal data" record the surname, first name, middle name, indicate the age. Leave contact information – phone, address, email. List the desired positions. Complete the section "Experience". Following the chronology in reverse order, note the names of the organizations where you worked in the last 10 years. Specify the job position and briefly list duties and functions. In the section "Education" will place the information about available certificates, certificates, certificates. Please give the full names of institutions, state years of study and graduation. In the "Additional information" tell us about yourself what you think is necessary within the framework of the proposed jobs. Verify the presence of the driver's license of the appropriate category, indicate the existence of medical books. Inform the employer about the level of knowledge of foreign languages and a personal computer. Describe personal qualities (for example, punctuality, orderliness, diligence, creativity, etc.). List recommendations when available.
Check before submitting the document for errors. Estimate the General form of a summary, unity of style and shapes. Attach a photograph, if the employer so requires.
Send resume by email, Fax or to the address of the actual location of the organization. If possible, bring the completed document to Secretariat of the company.