You will need
  • unfinished landscape with a marble object;
  • - the subject that you want to paint marble;
  • - watercolor or gouache;
  • - tempera paint.
  • - acrylic paint;
  • - toothbrush;
  • - a ruler or a wooden plate;
  • - soft brush;
  • water;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • photographic cuvette;
  • - sponge.
To draw a marble wall or a sculpture on the landscape or the still life, use a stencil. Make it from a piece of thick paper or cardboard. Draw the contours of the wall or sculpture. Cut it out. Apply the stencil to the drawing, aligning the hole with the lines of the object. The rest of the sheet surface must be closed.
Dial on sponge watercolor paint or gouache primary colours and paint a picture. Then enter on the toothbrush paint a darker shade of the same color and spray it over the surface, touching the brush on the edge of the wooden plate. For watercolor instead of a toothbrush you can use a spray bottle. Dilute the spray with a soft brush. If the marble has inclusions of other colors, repeat the procedure. Remove the stencil and finish the drawing.
If you are addicted to applique, make marble paper. The cuvette pick one that would fit a sheet of paper. This may be another vessel of suitable shape. Pour water and vegetable oil. Butter is better to take purified and deodorized. Need just enough to cover the water surface with a thin film.
Pour into a cuvette suitable tone paint. There may be two or three. Let them spread on the surface. They form fanciful swirls, similar to the texture of marble. Carefully place the cuvette in a sheet of paper, it is in contact with the layer of paint. Hold the sheet of 10-15 seconds. Drying a paper in the vertical position, hanging on a rope or ledge and securing a linen clothespin. Marble paper can be the background for the appliqué. But it can be done and the elements of the composition.
To simulate marble finishing works or the manufacture of the subject decorative art pick colors that fit well on this material. If necessary, clean and degrease the surface. Apply the primer. On paper Wallpaper this can be, for example, water-based paint. Let the primer dry. Better to lay it in two layers. Then apply the bright paint and a wide brush, apply the glaze lines of different shapes. You can take a few shades of the same color, it will make the texture even more similar to the real marble. Then with a rubber sponge, spread the paint over the surface.