If muscle pain appeared during viral colds, it is due to intoxication. Due to the large formation of toxins is poisoning organism, which is accompanied by a mass of painful symptoms, including muscle pain. So start treatment of the underlying disease. And to speed up recovery and reduce pain in the muscles, in the first two days will exclude any kind of food, consume an increased amount of liquid such as juices, herbal teas, fruit drinks and compotes and every 3 days to visit the steam room (if there is no elevated temperature). By flushing the body of toxins, these measures will help to eliminate muscle pain.
If the muscle pain came after a viral illness (the flu, etc.) or hypothermia, it is most probably caused by neuralgia is a disease associated with painful sensations along the nerve. Most often seen trigeminal neuralgia, occipital and intercostal. In this case, provide yourself a complete rest, both physical and emotional. Take any pain medication. Externally apply heat and distraction tools: mustard, banks, warming ointment. On prescription take a course of physical therapy. Also helpful vitamins.
If muscle pain appeared after excessive physical exertion, this is associated with overexertion, and poisoning muscle acids. In this case, within a few days, take a bath with mint (mint decoction). Mint relieves tension and eliminates muscle pain. Combine peppermint baths with the use of broth inside. For its preparation brew the mint leaves in three litres of water from a 1:3 ratio for 15 minutes boil and hot, add in the tub. Take them only if there are no contraindications and no more than 15 minutes. Also to eliminate muscle pain caused by overexertion, take a course of massage.
If the muscle pain associated with injuries (contusion, sprain, muscle rupture etc.), seek help from a doctor. In this case, you may need drug therapy in combination with rehabilitation therapy, physiotherapy, reflexology, mud therapy, massage, and baths.