You will need
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - information that must be communicated to the recipient;
  • - details of the recipient;
  • - rules of office.
The upper left corner of the information letter must contain the name of the company that wants to convey certain information to the recipient. Enter full address of location of the business, a contact telephone number. If your company has a stamp, it should be put it, as it consists of all the necessary details. Specify the date of the letter, its reference number. As a rule, the news letter is a response to the letterrequest. In this case, write the number and date of the incoming document.
The upper-right corner must contain information about the destination. If an information letter is sent to the Manager of a particular company, enter his / her personal data, job title, company name and full address of the location index.
Enter the subject information letter. For example, on the meeting or the appearance of new products. The content of the letter consists of information, information that you want to convey to the recipient. It should begin with the words: "please be advised...", "this is to Inform you about...", "to Inform you about...". It depends on what the purpose of the response letter, which must be briefly described in the document and include the necessary data.
As a rule, to the information letter should make the materials. It can be price lists, advertising leaflets, contracts and other documents. The title application should specify in the end of the letter, or enter the number of sheets attached materials.
Finish informational letter have the words: "With respect..." and the like. Then fit the post, personal information of the sole Executive body, his Deputy or clerk. One of these individuals (depending on who is responsible for writing and sending business letters of the company) puts his signature indicates your name and phone number.