Carefully review the menu of your camera. In every digital camera, especially mirror optics, there is an item "Format memory card". After selecting this option a window will appear with a warning that formatting will erase all pictures on your card and the question "Continue?". If you copied them in advance and not to worry, press "Yes" or "OK" and the card will be formatted. If you try to format the flash card you see the words "Impossible" or "Failure", "Replace card", check whether the protection from removal photos. Some of the camerax this is the function of the slider located near the inscription "Lock", on other – button, near which he has drawn key. Sometimes this button is pressed with sloppy, hasty folding camera in case, or children play with your technique.
The owners of card readers do not have to scrutinize the menu of the camera. Clear the drive with this device much easier. To format the card, insert it into the card reader. After the computer reads the card and identifies it as a removable flash device, go to "My computer" on the map icon, right-click on mouse and select "Format".
If the card reader you have, but there is a cable to copy the files to your computer, this will help to format the flash drive. Connect with this USB cable the camera and computer, wait until the computer recognizes the flash drive and format as in the previous case. Those who work in the programs Total Commander or Far, you need to also click on the icon of the pendrive in command prompt, and select "Format".