If you have a very slim figure, do not purchase a "mini" or tight fitting items. Mini your feet will repel rather than attract. Also tight sweaters accentuate the ribs and protruding spine. Even in summer try to wear dresses and blouses with sleeves to hide the hands too thin.
It is best for you will do things casual. Light, flowing, bright colors. Avoid drawing in vertical stripes. Visually, it will make your thinness even more. Can wear the garments of warm, soft fabrics. You can also afford a pretty bold experiments with colors. For example, contrast the top and bottom or a bright insert. All this will make your figure look not so awkward.
As if specially created for you romantic style in clothing. A variety of ruffles, flounces, lace, ruffles, draping. With their help you can easily highlight your elegance and will hide excessive thinness. Just don't overdo the deep sharp cut. Better decorate the décolleté additional accessories – ribbons, scarves, light scarves. Good on a thin girl look of things with a boat neckline. But, if you are a fan of the V neck, make sure it is not too great.
Especially good on slender figures look skirt. Select the style of the Tulip or pleated. You will not regret it. Want to buy pants? Note the skinny jeans, but be sure to Supplement with a loose top that reaches the hips, this will accentuate slender legs and hide the thinness at the same time.
At least the legs look very ridiculous shoes with bulky soles and heavy shoes. Your style elegance. So choose low wedgies or small thin pin. The more weight you allows. But don't buy shoes with too high heels. Increasing your growth, you will further emphasize the thinness.