Rosin is divided into two types: natural and artificial. First obtained from wood tar (usually pine), the second of cellulose. Natural rosin is considered to be of higher quality. But keep in mind that to use either resin or cellulose directly as rosin not - it must first be subjected to special treatment.This substance has long been used as a flux for soldering. Apply rosin for this purpose, both in pure form and together with other, more complex fluxes, for example, an alcohol solution or a special composition of LTI. How to clean rosin, and most fluxes based on it possess the important property of pH-neutrality. This means that they, unlike the acid flux, don't spoil over time, the treatment site and create almost no leakage current. Soldering of electrical circuits and electronic circuits can be done only with the neutral fluxes.Musicians playing stringed instruments, rubbing rosin bows. However, use it in conjunction with instruments that use bows don't require is pointless. Recommendation grease rosin mediator, sometimes expressed in the forums guitarists, has no Foundation. In ballet, a substance used to improve grip shoes to the floor, and in sports - athlete with a barbell, kettlebells or dumbbells.In addition, rosin is used in the production of artificial materials as both primary and auxiliary component. She is part of many flexible and rigid polymers, and even some detergents. And in the past it was used to avoid slippage in the belt gear - but now don't do that anymore, because it invented many devices for automatic maintenance of optimum tension.It should be remembered that while in the air small particles of rosin it is unacceptable to use open fire.