You will need
  • - the currency exchange;
  • - the passport.
Find out the exchange rate of the Central Bank on the day of the currency exchange. This will help you to understand how beneficial is the course to exchange or should I wait and hold the currency at home. To see the course, for example, on the website of or on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CBR).
Find the Bank with the most favorable exchange rate. This can be done by personally visiting offices nearest financial institutions or reading courses on their websites.
Arriving at the Bank, pay attention to how this place safe for foreign currency exchange. Despite the fact that some time ago to buy and sell the currency was only permitted via banks, the market exchange of services is a lot of fraud, especially in Moscow. The Central Bank has issued a special Bulletin on the exchange of money for the population. In particular, it States that it is recommended to exchange currency only at banks located in permanent buildings. A exchange kiosk on the street can be a sign of fraud.

Also a safe place for currency exchange can be considered points in the airport, but the problem is that there you may encounter is not too favorable course.
Selecting the Bank to exchange the note on its terms: what is the Commission, what is the minimum amount you are willing to exchange. If you want to exchange foreign coins, check this point further - not all banks accept them, even if it is Euro metal. All the info you can give on the phone or by personal visit to the Bank.
Come to the Bank with your passport and your currency. Go to the teller and explain that you want to exchange money. He will direct you to the cashier where you will need to present a passport and sign on the receipt on the exchange. There you will be given a rubles equivalent to the amount of your currency, net of fees.