Review the current currency exchange in all banks of the city. To help in this process can many online resources that are reported daily rates of purchase and sale of different currencies in a big list of banks to the current time. Choosing the Bank that is in your city and in which the buying rate is the lowest, you can easily go to this place to convert. Better, of course, pre-call at this facility in order to avoid any overlap (the failure data in the computer, change course, lack of currency). Don't forget to calculate the fee for currency exchange.
If money needs to change is not momentary, but for a certain period of time, you should read the analysts or even watch daily economic news releases where every day already has the forecast for tomorrow is about the rise or fall of a particular currency, which, of course, affects the Bank exchange rates. Listening to these guidelines, also you can save on foreign exchange operations, after waiting a few days or, on the contrary, exchanging funds immediately.
Talk with friends and acquaintances. Maybe right now some of them are going to change the accumulated dollars to purchase an expensive purchase. You can exchange your funds on a mutually beneficial course to both to be profitable.
Some people made a game on the difference in rates a constant source of earnings. Traders study charts of fluctuations of certain currencies, predict future changes and react to them in a certain way – either buying or selling the currency at the most favorable price. And selling of the dollar is beneficial when prices close to the maximum, and the greatest profit comes from the purchase of the currency, when fluctuation chart is in the low position or just out of it.
You should not agree to exchange rubles for dollars even at a very attractive rate with unknown or unfamiliar people. Most likely, you will become a victim of fraud and will remain now as no foreign and no domestic money in your wallet.
With a little effort, you can easily the best way to buy dollars and save on exchange. But as they say, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.