On the Internet there are a lot of exchange offices to transfer dollars to rubles or hryvnia, and Vice versa. But all such services charge a certain percentage of the exchange fee, which averages somewhere in the range of 1-5%. The sum, at first glance, not much, and to pay 5 rubles out of a hundred does not seem a great loss. But for the exchange of 100 thousand rubles you have to pay service 5 the thousand – and it is noticeable. And if you need even more money? Here a question arises: how to choose a service to currency exchange, where the Commission will be the smallest?
Have a look first on the website This is a service that will sort out for you all the exchange network at the best rates. Select what currency you wish to exchange, and you will see a graph with the best exchange services. Sign up immediately on this site: it has the advantage that you will have to accumulate a certain discount.
There is a way to exchange dollars with virtually no loss. You can use the service Here the Commission for the translation of currencies is not taken, as the exchange is on terms that are assigned by the participants themselves who need to change money. As a rule, all parties be satisfied. By visiting this page, click on "Current list of WM exchange" and in the appeared table select the best option trades.
If you travel to another country, then you definitely need to have on hand at least a small amount of money in local currency. Then remember that the best rate you will be able to exchange dollars in banks. At the 2nd place – the exchange rate at the hotel or the hotel where you stayed. At the 3rd airport. But it is not necessary to resort to currency exchange using a guide, because you can run into fakes or absolutely bad deal. Also not beneficial to use cross rates - you can lose almost half of the amount.