You will need
  • - Currency in dollars;
  • - the right Bank.
Go to the exchange, will receive rubles for dollars, then these roubles will buy euros. The best advice is: we should not go in the most closest to you to exchange, but where the smallest difference between the Euro and the dollar. Option, of course, is not the most advanced, but very fast, reasonable and affordable. Especially if we are talking about small amounts. Minus two: first, the exchange rate of the dollar below the official, and the Euro – above; secondly, it is always two operations, each of which takes a certain Commission.
Exchange dollars for euros at once for a particular cross-rate, if the dollar is worth, for example, 0.8 euros, and we are not talking about any additional currency (in our case, roubles). Direct exchange in some cases cheaper. But not all banks exchange foreign currency in this way. Also, this method does not necessarily will be profitable. It is important to remember that the numbers here are different and change from day to day.
Open two accounts: in EUR and USD, and then transfer money from one to the other. Course there is another, and it can also be lower, and maybe higher. It affects Bank that defines courses and the immediate environment. Opening and maintaining the account requires no additional cost. The Euro account can be linked to the plastic card, which will be very useful for a trip to Europe with her.
Go to Europe with dollars and exchange for euros. But this option is only for references and completeness. Experts are unanimous: in any case, the loss in such exchange will be greater than its alternatives in Russia. In addition, to make it abroad will be much more difficult if you have never been in the country where you plan to go, do not know the local language and not very well familiar with the terrain.