In modern shops presents a large number of children's swings, the choice of which is dependent on the weight of your baby, but hang the swing at home or on the street is not as easy as it seems at first. If you decide to install a swing for the baby in the apartment, first choose for them a suitable place, and then pick up the mounts that are not included in the sale.
The best solution would be placement of the swing set for a toddler in door or archways, but for this, firstly have to acquire the reliable hooks or to order a pipe, which subsequently you'll be able to easily hang the swing house at any time and then remove them when your baby is tired to skate. If children's room has a sports corner with a horizontal bar, hang a swing on it, just reliably securing the rope. Otherwise, make the bar yourself using durable steel pipe, able to withstand the weight of your baby.
Second, the pipe of a kind used in the manufacture of furniture, bar not suitable, as they are not designed for the weight of your child, and may crack. Therefore, in the absence of the horizontal bar ready to order it on the metal, showing professionals their project. The horizontal bar can be manufactured as a solid bar, one side of which there is only a screw and the other screw and the semicircle.
Using metal hooks, make them holes on the sides of the door, hammer them into the wall, and then tie a sturdy knot on the rope from the swings. But this type of fastening is not very convenient, so as the hooks can eventually become loose and fall out, and the baby for this fall and get injured. In most of the nursery, if space allows, hook for swing drive not in walls but in the ceiling to keep your child comfortable skating.
To hang the swing in the garden, you can use a bar instead of a thick branch of a tree garden, just tie him to a rope store-bought swings. Creating a garden swing on your own, simply connect the wooden seat with durable nylon cord or strong rope. To do this, use two pieces of rope, making a loop on one end, then the rope with loops cross it over the branch, tying them in a double knot. You will only need to fix the wooden seat on a rope, which previously recommended to drill two holes on each side to put the rope through them.