Advice 1: How to make a garden swing

Swing is the symbol and carefree childhood. Remember the popular song about the winged swing, it is more of lightness and joy. And imagine how much fun will bring the swing seat for the garden made by your own hands!
How to make a garden swing

Garden swing made of wood

In the manufacture of garden swing you need to properly for them to install the bearing support. Of course, a pillar of iron will be safer and stronger than from bars and logs. However, it can be done only with the help of welding machine. For those who do not have this capability, you can opt for sturdy wooden pillars, able to withstand the weight of 120 to 150 kg.

For the manufacture of garden swing you will need:
- 9 pieces good prostranog timber 5x10 cm or 10x10 cm (for greater reliability);
- metal corners to connect the boards to each other;
- screwdriver;
- screws;
- 2 canvases of plywood or slats;
metal corner fasteners;
- bars for the frame under the seat, back and armrests;
- rope (metal, synthetic material or in the form of chains with large links);
- hanging hooks for attachment to the crossbar or wide 2 metal bracket 4-polnogo cross section with eyelets at the ends;
- clamps-clamps for wire rope.
Wire may be metallic, made of synthetic material or in the form of chains with large links. The circuit is not susceptible to weathering, more secure, very decorative.

Manufacturer of garden swings start with a backbone. Assemble lower frame to which will be attached to the vertical bars. As for the size of the boards for the frame, it depends on the size of the desired seat of the swing. The best option is the seat depth of 50-60 cm and a length of about 160-180 cm Frame should be wider than the seat of the swing is about 40-50 cm for their sustainability.

Bars securely fasten metal corners. If the swing will not be located in tile/asphalt/concrete pavement and on the ground, to exclude or delay the process of rotting the wood beams of the lower frame to be treated with bitumen. In addition, all wooden parts for garden swings should be treated with antiseptics. When the frame is ready, to it using screws and angles are vertical bars, which will perform the function of the pillars. In result you have 2 large triangles. To the top you want to attach the horizontal crossbar.

Now you can start making benches. We must act in the same sequence, starting with the framework of bars. Framework should have two pieces — one for seat and one for the back. After that, the framework or screw the plywood or nail strips.

Connect the back corners of the seat. The angle between the seat and back should be about 120° to reach travelers more comfort. Next, you can fasten the armrests - 2 bar, connected at a 90° angle. However, this is not necessary since it is possible to manage and without armrests. Secure clamps or the hooks on the top rail, pass through the holes of the chain or rope. Measure its length so that when sitting on the swing was socks to get to the ground. After that, attach the seat.

At the main part of manufacturing of garden swing is made. However, you can not to stop and, for example, to complement a ready-made swing awning. On a frame of bars pull any fabric and secure the awning to the top of the swing. The following caveat is the stiffness of the bench-seat. You can put on the seat 2 or the sofa is made specifically for swing cushion. For durability to cushions, it is desirable to make a cover of oilcloth or polyethylene. Garden swing can be placed in the garden, on the lawn at the cottage, in the shade of the branches near the house in the village.

Rope garden swing

You can also make your hands baby rope swing. It is better to place on the branch of a large tree. If you have a young garden and this tree is not exists on the site, you can make a support frame or to use a branch of timber. In the second version should take a log with length of 3 m and a diameter of 12.5 cm and bind him with ropes to a tree, resting between two strong branches. The flight logs should have a length of about 1 m And to arrange a "branch" should be on a height of 2.6 m above the ground.
We should not forget that the main thing in design is its safety, especially if you produce a swing for children. After completion do not forget to check the finished product for durability.

To make rope "swing", you'll need ceselski rope with a diameter of 1.3 cm the Ends of the cable tie with string, to fiber bloom. Rope tie to a branch or beam, so that the loop and node 3. The distance between the ropes should be between 50 cm using the same loops and knots the rope is then attached to the seat.

For rope swing seat it is possible to make 2 small logs with a length of 70 cm, diameter about 8.5 cm and a spacing between ropes of 50 cm Rope get between the logs and wrap around each of them, tying 3 knots. On the background of the garden is such a garden swing is attractive and organic, but they're not always convenient. However, you can make them soft cases. Seat can take a flexible and secure it to the rifle. Subsequently, this seat can be removed to replace it with another.

Advice 2: How to make the most of garden swing

Cottage — in the first place for a family holiday. It is therefore imperative that there was good and convenient to all. Country swing will help to take kids, they can relax and adults if swing is made to last from durable materials.
How to make the most of garden swing
You will need
  • Timber 50x100 or 100x100 mm
  • Metal corners
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Plywood or slats for benches
  • Bars for backrest
  • Rope or metal chain for hanging
  • 2 hook
  • Cable need special clips
  • Bitumen
Calculate the size of the bench. Them calculate the dimensions of the lower frame support. It should be 50 cm wider than the seat. Define also, whether you dig in the swings or just put them on the ground. In the latter case, the ribs of the lower frame handle with bitumen.
Cut the boards to specified size. You should have 9 pieces. 4 lumber you will need for the bottom of the base frame. Since the lower frame is a rectangle, the bars can be of two sizes. 4 identical bars you need for the side poles and 1 cross bar, its length equal to the length of the lower frame. Assemble lower frame support to secure the boards with metal corners.
Calculate the height of the pillars. On the sides you should now have 2 triangles. The bases are the lateral edges of the lower frame, and the tops will need to connect the crossbar. The design should be symmetrical.
Collect from bars of the frame for the seat and backrest of the bench. Tamp them Reiki. Connect the backrest and the seat. Better to do it at an obtuse angle 120-135°. For children swing bench can hold and the right angle.
On top rail fasten the hooks. Secure the chain. Adjust the height. A grown man needs to get to the ground with my toes.
The swing can be made even more comfortable, if mounted over the top rail of the awning. However, it depends on where you put them. Choose the most convenient place.
Decide for whom you make the swing. If they are intended for children, take a thinner beam. The design of the timber 50x100 withstand up to 120 kg. For common swing, which will entertain both adults need the heavier timber.

The beams of the lower frame must be bonded very firmly, otherwise the structure will unstable.
Useful advice
It is better to first make a drawing and calculate the length of the beams and all corners.

Below the bench was quite comfortable, you can do for her arms. To attach them you must before you assemble the entire structure.

The bench can be covered with leather or to make her pillows.

Baby swings can be quite backless. Obstruye and clean the plate and picrate it to the chain.

Advice 3: How to make a baby swing

Swings like almost all children, regardless of age and gender. Even teenagers don't like to ride with the wind and make a semi-sun, and for the youngest it is simply an indispensable attribute of childhood.
How to make a baby swing
You will need
  • Ready baby swing on the ropes, furniture bar, two mounts for it, drill, screws, hacksaw
To find the answer to the question about how to make a baby swing, you first need to decide where you plan their placement. If funds for the purchase of a stationary swing is lacking, it is much easier to buy a baby swing made of wood or plastic with ropes as mounts. Mind these swings are virtually indistinguishable from those that were present in the childhood of today's parents. They are mobile, easily removable from the support and do not interfere even in a small apartment.
As attachment points you can use ordinary furniture. Take two mounts for the rods that are mounted either in the doorway or in that part of the corridor, where there is free space for rocking. All that remains is to cut a piece of pipe, the size coincides with the distance between these two mounts, and insert it in them. In the future we can go two ways. Or originally to pick up a pipe with a diameter less than the finished rings on the mounts of the swing, or hang on the pipe a couple of rifles. The latter method is preferable, since in this case, the swing can be easily removed, whereas in the case of mounting directly on the pipe and they will hang out in the middle of the aisle.
If you select baby swing for the garden, everything is even easier. Ideally, when stationary you can set the swing on the basis of metal pipes. This design will last for decades, especially if the swings are not attached to ropes and chains. But as a support for fixing suitable and conventional branch of the tree. Will only consider the most optimal and secure method of fixing the swing.

Advice 4: How to install a swing in the country

Swing, made with his own hands, can completely transform the look of cottage or garden plot. They can be a place to unwind, a leisurely reading and reflection. While children are perfectly able to turn a swing into a fun ride. Self-made swing requires patience, skill, available materials, tools, and, of course, skilled hands.
How to install a swing in the country
You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • pencil;
  • - a wooden beam;
  • - metal corners;
  • - plywood;
  • - antiseptic;
  • - fasteners (bolts, nuts, screws);
  • - screwdriver;
  • - hacksaw;
  • metal or synthetic rope;
  • - tight material for awning.
Start making swings with the sketch. A hand drawing will allow you to create an image of the future design, to provide all the details and determine the dimensions of the component parts. Indicate on your sketch the sequence of the individual operations to the technological scheme acquired perfection.
Determine the location to place the swing. It is desirable to set the design near the dwelling, in a place protected from wind and scorching rays of the sun. Make sure that around the swing was sufficient free space. Clear the chosen site, level the ground. Assembly easier to produce on the spot where the swing set will be installed.
Pick up the wooden bars of the desired length. The section should be 50x100 mm or even more. When choosing wood, inspect it to cull the workpiece with defects. Deformation of fibers or knots doing a beam for the swings.
Make yourself or order two metal brackets quadrangular cross-section. At the ends provide eyelets or hanging hooks; the bar will be attached to the cable.
Assemble the bearing part of the structure. Start at the bottom of the frame to which attach the vertical bars. Proceed with the installation of the size of the future seat. Optimal length is 150-170 cm and the depth is at least 50 cm Lower frame make wider seats about 40-50 cm, this will allow to achieve sustainability.
Handle bars of the lower frame of the antiseptic composition. This is especially important if you plan to establish the swing outdoors, and not on a concrete or tile base. This protection is to prevent the rapid decay of the wood. It is advisable to put some antiseptic on and all other wooden parts.
Attach to the frame vertical beams-pillars using metal angles and screws. As a result, you will receive two large triangles. To the vertices attach the horizontal beam (the lintel), securely with bolts and nuts.
Make a seat out of two wooden frames, built from bricks of a smaller size. One frame will need for the seat and one for the back. To fasten the framework with screws a sheet of plywood between the back and seat was angle more than 90 degrees. The connection part at a right angle will be uncomfortable for vacationers.
The metal bracket lock on the top rung. Through the holes thread the rope or metal chain. Measure the length of the cable so that sitting on a swing man toes could reach the earth's surface. Now finally attach the seat.
If desired, complete ready swing tent, pulling on a frame of bars of dense tissue and attaching this design to the top of the swing. Now you can test your creation in action and indulge in a well earned rest.
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