You will need
  • needle fir;
  • - bottle with cap;
  • - essential oil of fir;
  • - 100 ml of warm boiled water;
  • - asbestos sheet;
  • - 2 flat bottom flasks, wide-mouth;
  • laboratory (chemical) fridge;
  • attachment furca;
  • - allongé;
  • - 2 rubber hose;
  • - 96-degree alcohol;
  • - capacity of dark glass.
Take 5 tbsp. of fir needles, finely chop and pour 1 liter of water. Put on the fire until boiling, and then reduce the intensity of heat, and simmer for another 10 minutes. The resulting broth insist 12 hours in a thermos. After this time remove the tape from the essential oil formed on the surface, and strain the liquid through several layers of cheesecloth.
Pour in a bottle of 100 ml of warm boiled water. It drip 3-5 drops essential oil of fir. Close the lid and shake strongly for 10 minutes. Use the resulting fir water immediately after cooking.
Cut the needles and fill them a third flat-bottomed glass flask with a wide neck. Add on top of the water so that the bulb was half full. With the help of tips burza connect the flask with a refrigerator. Put the entire design on the plate.
For uniform and slow heating of the bottom of the flask put under it a small asbestos sheet.
To the upper and lower fittings of the refrigerator connect the rubber hoses. The hose extending from the lower connection, connect with water tap. The hose from the upper nozzle move to the drain hole of the sink. The outlet of the refrigerator by means of allonzh connect with an empty flask in which to collect condensate.
Turn on the stove, then cold tap water. Under the heat action, the water with fir needles, boil, steam will be collected in the refrigerator to condense and become a liquid composed of essential oils and water.
Immediately after boiling, reduce the intensity of heating of the asbestos sheet. Turn off the stove when the water needles will evaporate by half.
Take the flask in which the gathered condensation. Its content is divided into two parts: the top – fragrant (fir) water, lower – essential oil of fir. Drain fir water in a container made of dark glass, add 10-15% of 96-degree ethanol. Store in a cool dark place.