You will need
  • Water, black silicon, gauze, container of plastic or impact resistant glass.

The easiest way to improve the properties of water is such. To start, boil required quantity of water. Then refrigerate the finished water and freeze it.

To do this, the overflow of water in a plastic bottle or container from impact-resistant glass and placing in the freezer of the refrigerator. In winter, freezing water can be done by putting the bottle on the balcony.

Then remove from a cold location capacity with the resulting ice. When he will melt and turn back into water, the structure of such water will be improved.

The best method of obtaining "living water" is based on the use of black silicon. This mineral is sold in pharmacies. Take three quarts of water, put into it 305. silicon. Then cover the container with clean gauze and leave the water for two days.

After the water has steeped, carefully pour it into another vessel. It is necessary to leave in the same capacity, the lower layer of approximately 2-3 cm the fact that it settled all the harmful substances we don't need them.

The real "living water" is not ready yet. Now it should slightly freeze. When formed on the surface of small ice, it is necessary to make a hole. Through this hole you should pour water into a container. The ice can be thrown away, there are isotopes of hydrogen.

Now it is necessary again to freeze the remaining water. This time it should freeze for about 2/3. At this stage of the preparation of "living water" to be poured, on the contrary, unfrozen water. Ice, which as a result left, and is obtained by melting the "living water". Drink it very useful for the body.