You will need
  • computer;
  • - system administration skills.
Log on with administrator rights. You need to your current user was in the Administrators group, or you get the appropriate authority by delegation. If the computer is joined to a domain, this procedure may carry out group members "domain Admins". In addition, for your safety, use the command "runas".
Go to main menu to delete events from the log, click on the "start" button, click "control Panel", double-click administrative tools. In this window select the "event Viewer" and double-click it or press Enter.
Open "event Viewer". In the console tree, select the log you want to clear. Go to menu "Action", select "clear all events". To save the log before clearing it, click "Yes." If the log is saved in the file, it will be impossible to clean this way. For cleaning you must remove the log file where it is stored.
Uninstall entries of the event log in Windows 7 operating system. To do this, go to the main menu and select "control Panel", then select from the components panel select "administrative tools". Next, select administrative command "event Viewer".
Next, open the "Microsoft management Console", click on the "start" button, type in the search box, type Mmc, press Enter. In the menu "Console" click "Add / remove snap-in" or press the key combination Ctrl+M. In the dialog box, select "event Viewer", Click "Add", then "Finish" and "OK".
Click "start", "Run", type Eventvwr.msc. Next, go to menu "Action" the command "Clear log". To save after cleaning, click "Save and clear". Enter a file name and click Save.