If your computer has a floppy drive, locate a working floppy and create a bootable MS-DOS disk. Insert the floppy 3.5-inch disk into the drive. Open "My computer" and right-click the mouse on the icon marked "drive a:". A menu appears, in which select with the left mouse button the line "Format".
Appears format the drive, at the bottom check the box "Create boot drive MS-DOS". Will start the cleaning process all the data from the floppy disk and write DOS files. Wait for the completion message formatting. You can write the floppy disk on any other computer, for example, if yours is not working.
Then restart the computer. After the appearance on the screen of the test information about the processor, the number and characteristics of memory, press the Del key to enter the BIOS. It is necessary to install the floppy boot, by default in most modern systems, this is disabled.
Locate the setting Advanced options or Boot sequence in different versions of BIOS, location and name are different. To move use arrows, to enter the options Enter button. Set First Boot Device to the Floppy Drive position. Save the changes to the settings by pressing F10 and then press Enter or Y. the Computer will reboot.
Insert the floppy disk with the boot data DOS to the drive. The download starts, you will notice this by the increased noise of the drive for floppy disks. Please note that support optical disc is not, that is considered from a CD or DVD anything will be impossible, as in the usual versions of DOS do not have the necessary drivers. It is also impossible to record or read information from the hard disk, if the file system is NTFS. In most cases it doesn't matter, as with floppy disks, as a rule, pereprodavat BIOS.