Buy a floppy disk, choose a good manufacturer, because this disk will serve as a Reanimator your system. Remove the copy protection (open the box in the lower left part of the disk). Perform the following sequence of operations if you have Windows 98: click in the lower left corner of the screen click "start" on the line "setup" click the left mouse button. Then select "control Panel" in the window that appears click on the task "add or remove programs in the appeared tab click on the "Boot floppy".
Perform the following sequence of operations if you have installed Windows XP operating system: click the icon "My computer", right-click, and select left click the tab "Open". In the dialog that opens, find the line "Disk 3,5"" and click right button of the mouse. In the list of operations with the left mouse button click on "Format" and tick "Create system disk", then click on the button "Start". The operating system will open a dialog box warning that all data on the disk will be destroyed. In this window click "OK".
This will begin the formatting process, do not interrupt him. At the end of the operation on your disk will be written the following set of files: autoexec.bat, ms-dos, io.sys, config.sys, The files are written to disk by the operating system, some of them will be hidden. Do not try to overwrite them to another floppy disk, this is impossible. If you have not loaded a computer (not raised operating system) or operating system not installed, please boot the computer with your created Dos boot floppy.