How to prepare the wall before pasting?

In order to efficiently and without joints stick Wallpaper, you should carefully prepare for this wall. If the surface still have the old Wallpaper, you first need to get rid of them. If you have problems, the Wallpaper can be wetted with a soap solution. For its preparation you will need a sufficient amount of soap and water. In a container to pour water, then dissolve it in soap. You can grate large pieces of the old soap on a big grater, so it will go much faster. Ready fluid should be applied to the old Wallpaper and wait for complete drying. After that, clean the surface of the walls will be much easier.

If, before pasting new Wallpaper of the walls have been painted, remove the paint using sandpaper. The projecting mounds, it is desirable to knock down, then putty the cracks, remove excess plaster.

As pokleit Wallpaper?

The first thing to do when pasting Wallpaper is to measure the height from the floor to the base of the ceiling. The resulting height should be noted on the Wallpaper and add a six-inch seam allowance, but only if the Wallpaper is not the whole picture, and it does not matter in which order they will be covered. If the Wallpaper has a pattern, the seam allowance needs to be larger to be able to align the image on the wall. The coating of Wallpaper with a pattern usually used in more rolls.

Glue the first coil should be on the side where there is a window, it is better to start in a corner. Before pasting, also you must use the level and chalked the ropes to draw a straight line on the wall. Then apply glue to the paper and fold them in half so that the glue is absorbed. Immediately after this it is necessary to apply the adhesive mortar on the wall surface in a place where it will be glued already lubricated strip.

Start to glue the Wallpaper from the top, leaving a stock, it is important to align the strip on the drawn white line. It is not recommended to glue the Wallpaper directly on the entire surface, as bubbles can appear, and the whole process just goes down the drain. First glue half of the strip, smoothing it on the wall and expelling excess air. You can then glue the second half.

If the edges got glue residue should be as soon as possible to remove with a dry cloth. Allowance is also removed from the top with a spatula and a sharp knife. Gluing subsequent strips of Wallpaper are required from this sheet in the same way.

What to do with the corners?

The corners are the biggest problem when pasting Wallpaper, as many homes have uneven walls. To avoid visible joints, and pasting should keep the edges of the Wallpaper storage angle. First glued one side of the corner, the band are clearly aligned and cut off the excess. Then you can glue the corner on the other side.