You will need
  • — HASP HL Installer version 5.20
  • — TORO Dongle Monitor for Hardlock/Hasp4/HaspHL v3.2
The HASP key is a device the size of a flash drive. It can connect to the computer via LPT-port, but the most widely keys format USB stick. Inside each key is a secure microcontroller. Chip placed inside the crypto processor that is used to encrypt and decrypt data streams sent in the process of a protected program key, and back. This means that the program will not work without a specific HASP key to which it is bound. As a result, selling the keys, the developer can control the distribution process of the program to limit the number of users.
For several reasons the use of hardware protection is a disincentive for buyers of the software. To use the hardware key is not too convenient. When the key is down it will be replaced, but it can take a lot of time, especially if the program's manufacturer and the buyer are located in different cities or even countries. The shipment can take days, and all this time the software will be put down, which can lead to the disruption of time, loss of profits and business reputation. Even worse, if the key is lost or stolen. License policy of most developers does not provide for the issuance of duplicates of lost FOB. The program will have to buy again. It is quite difficult to provide adequate protection for this device because it is in the hands of users.
As a result, the desire to copy the key appears to licensed buyers of the product. The process of creating a clone is very complex, as the keys were specially designed in order to hamper their duplication. The first step when you copy a HASP key, is the removal of the dump.
Download the original drivers of HASP HL Installer. Unpack and install the key drivers is described in the attached instructions. Then restart the computer. Install and start the logger TORO Dongle Monitor. Install and run the protected program, some time have fun with it. At the bottom of the logger you should see the following lines:
Hasp In:> HaspInitPacket
PW1=XXXXX (0x1234) , PW1=YYYYY (0x5678)
This is the password for the key. In the same folder where the logger is also dumper the dongle memory. Close the logger and run dumper with parameters in command prompt:
h5dmp.exe 0x1234 0x5678
As a result of work the program will create in the root of drive C: file containing a dump of the key.