Log on with administrator rights.
If the shortcut of the application you want to run as administrator, got to the desktop, then click the right mouse button. It can do the same with the line app in the main menu on the start button and with an icon in the Explorer window. In the context menu in all cases, there will be the "Run as administrator", select it.
There is another way - it is to set the corresponding setting in the properties of the shortcut which launches the app. Click on the icon of the desired application on the desktop, right-click in its shortcut menu select "Properties". On the Shortcut tab click Advanced, check the box "Run as administrator" and click OK. This setting is only valid when you run the program using this shortcut. The same operation can be done with a command line application placed in the main menu of the OS.
The third method is similar to the previous with the difference that opening the properties window, you should not go to the tab "Shortcut" and "Compatibility" tab and in the section "privilege Level" put a checkmark in "Run this program as administrator".
Another option is to launch a desired application using the installed OS of a combination of "hot keys". To do this, first select the label or other reference to the desired program. For example, click once with the mouse cursor the label on the desktop or in the Explorer window, or enter its name or the name of the executable file in the search query box in the main menu system and select the row of the search result, etc. Then press ctrl + shift + enter - it is assigned to the team running the program as administrator.