You will need
  • diamond wheel, cloth
To determine whether it is time to sharpen the scissors, pay attention to the form of the cutting surface. If the nail scissors have the entire length of the edges of the canvas characteristic spots greater than 1 mm, the tool needs sharpening. Remember, the smaller the stains on the scissors, the easier and easier to sharpen the tool it will be enough to hold it on the machine. If the same spot more than 2 mm, the scissors were worn out much, and hence to sharpen them you need longer. In some cases, can help coating – refer to a specialist.
Before sharpening nail scissors it is important to know that this cosmetic tool is sharpened only on the diamond (machine with a diamond circle). To buy diamond grinding wheel at any hardware store, as well as emery, which is placed on the circle. Also, be aware that this tool is expensive and, therefore, you can just rent it, because scissors sharpened every day.
Take the scissors. Determine whether they play. If the backlash is there, remove it. To do this, simply tighten up the bolt which holds the two parts of the scissors, as long as the cloths will not fit snugly to each other or, conversely, loosen it.
Fold the fabric scissors so that the section of the connection formed gap. Do not overdo it – do not break them. If the fabric is fragile, disassemble the scissors.
Turn on the machine at minimal speed and drive alternately the first and the second edge of the sheets at the diamond circle with equal force along the entire length.
Check out sharpening scissors and repeat their actions again. To test sharpening on thick or very thin paper or "the eye" - thick spots along the entire length of the edge. After sharpening, these spots should be no more than 0.2-0.3 mm.
Remove after grinding all the burrs on the ends of the edges. This can be done using a simple cloth or a special lint-free cloth.