You will need
  • - candle key;
  • - stand for testing the candle.
Choose candles based on parameters such as surface number and size. Heat rating determines the operating temperature. The higher the mode, the colder the candle, and, consequently, it is possible to operate at the lowest temperatures. Must be correctly matched to the size of the candle could stand in its place without effort. For automobiles, a good production of firm BOSCH, with the Central electrode. Copper core which is protected by a layer of chromium and Nickel.
Choose a cheap spark plug, suitable for automobiles. They are produced by the company BRISK. This is a classic production, which electrode consists of a Nickel alloy. Note the high coefficient of thermal conductivity of these candles. High reliability different candles Japanese company NGK and CHAMPION of the American firm. They are well proven, as they are durable due to iridiu in the Central electrode.
Do not purchase spark plugs that have visible damage or cracks. Be sure to check before installation if the gap between the electrodes in size. The electrodes may receive the carbon, which you should remove to prevent the car down.
To check purchased the spark plugs, put them in the chamber and set the pressure about 10 kg/cm2, and then connect the current 22 kV. If you follow these steps, you should see the spark. If it is continuous, set a candle in the car. If it occurs intermittently, so your candle is defective.
Find out the value of the spark gap for your model VAZ. Also do not supply voltage on the plugs more than 18 kV when tested.