You will need
  • - new plugs;
  • key to 10;
  • - candle key of 16;
  • round probes.
According to the requirements of the operating instructions, standard spark plugs replace new every 30 thousand kilometers; candles with a platinum or iridium electrode – every 60 thousand. Only use candles that are recommended by the manufacturer.
Open the hood and remove the engine beauty cover. On 16-valve engine, press the locking button and disconnect the harness connector at the ignition module. Loosen the mounting bolt of the ignition module located on the head cover unit. Then remove the module from the spark channel. On 8-valve engine, remove the ignition coil and the tip of the high voltage wire from a candle. Candle key Unscrew and remove the candle from the candle well. After that, remove the candles from the rubber coupler key. Similarly, remove the spark plugs from other cylinders of the engine.
If the candle key does not have a rubber bushing or a magnetic insert, do this with the ignition module or the tip of the high-voltage wire. To do this, put the tip module or the high voltage wire to the insulator of the spark plug and remove it from the installation slot. Inspect fetched a candle and by its appearance, determine the condition of the engine.
New candles measure the gap with a round feeler gauge. Do not use blade probes – measurement results will be incorrect. It needs to be in the range of 1,0-1,1 mm. If the clearance is different from the recommended values that guide its adjustment. Its correction bend the side electrode up or down. In any case, do not adjust gap by bending center electrode – it will lead to breakage of an insulator of a candle. As is often in use, the gap increases, it is recommended to set it to the value of 1.0 mm.
When installing the new plugs, install them first hand, without the use of special tools. If the new candle is not suitable for carving, you will experience resistance to rotation. In this case, remove the candle and make sure its thread is not contaminated. When dirty, clean the thread and replace the candle once again. If the threads are clean, pick up another candle for installation on the engine. After that tighten a candle key, inserting it into the knob extension. Recommended tightening torque is 30-40 Nm. Excessive force when tightening may damage the thread in the candle holes of the head unit.