On that note, taking the apartment without finishing

Acceptance of apartments in the building come in the daytime, taking a tape measure, plumb and level. Even though you, as the saying goes, and take "bare walls," but this does not mean that these walls should be curved, and interpanel seams – leaking. Check the room sizes and ceiling heights specified in the design documentation, with the actual. In the case where the size of the apartment will be less than that specified in the contract, you are entitled to claim compensation. Check levelness of the floor level, and the verticality of the wall with the plumb line. If the house is brick, tap the wall – they should not be voids. On the walls and ceilings should be free of traces of mold and mildew.

Verify Windows and doors are, how tightly they close, is not blowing in the gap, including between the window and the wall. It is easy to do using a lit candle or lighter. Joints, seams and the space between the walls and frames must be insulated and hermetically sealed. Inspect every window and door, check to see how they function in different positions on whether all the necessary hardware. If a glazed loggia, pay special attention to quality set her glass.
Unfortunately, if the construction work has been carried out recently and the walls and ceilings are still wet, and in the case where the heating yet, condensation on Windows may be, even if they are installed without disturbing the technology.

Inspect the radiators, whether their type is specified in the documents, whether they are securely attached. In the bathroom check to see if the hood, holding her lighter. Inspect all doors and hatches, check how securely they are closed. Check wiring for hot and cold water, are there insights under the drain, washing machine.
To sign the act of acceptance-transfer of the apartment you can use the app the list of defects, which will indicate the timing of removal of deficiencies. In any case, illustrate their attached photos.

If the identified deficiencies

If you have a valid claim to the donated house, do not sign the acceptance certificate, even if the customer will swear that tomorrow all will be fixed. Make a list of complaints and present it to the developer. In that case, when you have invested money in the construction of the contract of equity participation, the law is on your side – identified deficiencies you must repair for free or refund the cost of rework if you make it yourself.