Plug your guitar into the sound card of the computer using cable. Typically, the connector interface guitar – jack, socket interface sound card – mini-jack, either jack or XLR in more advanced models related to the segment of professional and semi-professional. Take the appropriate cable with one end connect to the guitar, the other to your computer's sound card into the connector, intended for a microphone. Usually need connector sound card different from the rest in pink.
Adjust the sound of electric guitars. To do this, set the switch to the soundboard of the instrument in the position which will correspond to the desired configuration of the work coil pickups. Adjust the sound volume (volume) and tone (tone). If additional switches – use them to adjust the sound of the guitar.
Adjust the level of sound that is played through a sound card on a reproducing apparatus (computer speakers or a more advanced). To do this, open "start" –> "control Panel" –> "Sound", open the "Recording" tab, select the device and click Properties. In the "Levels" tab, put the desired volume level of the sound. Click "OK".
Enable sound reproducing device connected to the computer. Adjust the volume, you can then start the game.
To give a new coloring to the sound electric guitars use of gadgets and sound processors. When you connect a guitar to a computer is not necessary to use these lotions – there are a large number of software emulators, popular sound effects. Download one such application and install it. Run an emulator program and select the desired distortion for the sound. You can choose one of the preset options or set up independently.