For you to be included in the program of “agricultural credit“, you must meet certain requirements.You must be over 18 years of age. The obligations of the loan do not exceed your age 65. You must have a personal account with a corresponding entry in the household book, which leads the local administration.
If you are the sole member of the subsidiary farm, you need to enter into a contract of life insurance and your health.
Provide a list of furniture, equipment and outbuildings and confirm the liquidity of the collateral.
Confirm source available monthly financial income with which you plan to repay the debt on the principal loan amount and interest rate. For example, the salary of your main job, income from farming or social benefits.
Please submit the application on behalf of the acting head of administration of the settlement.
If you plan on using agricultural credit to Finance such expenses as fuel, spare parts for agricultural machinery, fertilizers, seeds, young animals, feed, equipment as well as leased warehouses, land, storage, and seasonal costs, the maximum maturity is two years. In such cases, a grace period for principal repayment is 12 months.
The Bank can grant you the loan ranging from 2 to 5 years, if cash funds are used to purchase livestock, maternal herd and breeding of the breed. Five-year program of crediting also applies to the acquisition of equipment for livestock or processing products, small-sized agricultural machinery, irrigation equipment, vehicles. This category includes the construction of livestock buildings and the renovation of existing, purchase of property of land intended for agriculture, construction of paved roads, work in the field of land reclamation and gasification.