You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of family composition of the bodies of social protection;
  • - copy of employment record;
  • - proof of income.
Find your credit program. This may be as a General offer and a special loan for parents with many children. For example, a preferential mortgage program can provide your municipality. Depending on the city, this can be either an interest-free loan for housing, or payment of the first installment.

In order to get more information, contact the Complex center of social protection of the population. His address you can read on the website of your city hall.
Collect the documents you are interested in for credit. In addition to passports, you will need a copy of work record card certified by the employer, and statement of wages form W-2. Also, the Bank may ask you to submit additional documents proving your solvency. This can be a certificate of housing ownership, car documents, passport with zagranpoezdki over the last year, the contract for the delivery of property in rent, if you rent an apartment. If you expect to participate in a special program for families, will also receive a certificate of family composition.

Documents issued by the employer should be issued not earlier than one month from the date of their submission to the Bank.
Contact you are interested in the Bank. Some banks, such as OTP Bank, offer special terms for large families in addition to state subsidies. For example, for large families canceled lump sum payment of the loan, which may be 1-2% of the amount.

Bring all of the documents prepared in advance. If the loan want to take both husband and wife as co-borrower, for example, in the case where the income of one of them enough for the application needs to be both passports and proof of employment and income.
After registration wait for a response from the Bank. Even if the answer was negative, keep in mind that you can apply to another financial institution.