Check whether you meet the conditions that allow you to take an agricultural loan. The borrower must be at least 18 years of age and not more than 65 until full repayment of the debt. The Bank should be issued a personal account and in household log local administration must be a record. Identifies if the only employee, you need to insure your health and life.
Rate the level of organization of its economy. For receiving the loanbut you need to have a minimum set of equipment necessary for your production. For example, on a cattle farm must be the necessary buildings for livestock, storage of products and feeds. Grain-producing enterprises need to have the equipment for planting and harvesting.
Provide the Bank with documents proving your solvency. It can be reference from the main place of work, the form 2-NDFL or the settlement documents, showing a profit from farming. The magnitude of the proof of income depends on the amount offer you a loan. Present documents to the Bank about your property that can serve as collateral for the loanand, for example, car, apartment or land.
Determine the purpose of obtaining credit. Loans for a period up to 2 years issued for the purchase of seeds, livestock, purchase of fertilizers and payment of land lease. Getting such a loanand allows you to repay the debt interest-free within a year. For purchase of machinery, construction or reconstruction of buildings, purchase of land for agricultural purposes is other loanprogramme. The money is issued for a period of 5 years with two year grace period of repayment. However, the amount of the loanand cannot be more than 300 000 rubles.