You will need
  • - application form for a loan;
  • - passport;
  • - proof of income;
  • - the documents confirming employment;
  • - military ID (for men under 27 years);
  • - other documents.
Russian agricultural Bank offers two types of consumer credit - target and non-target. In the latter case, the borrower can spend funds at its own discretion and should report to the Bank about the direction of their expenditure. Under the consumer credit without collateral, the borrower can get up to 750 thousand rubles at the rate of 22.5%. To receive credit, you must provide the Bank statement-the questionnaire; the passport; the documents confirming the income (2-NDFL or Bank's form); the documents confirming employment (copy of work record card or the labour contract, certified by the employer); for men till 27 years the identity card. The following list is not exhaustive. In some cases, the Bank might request additional documents.
Higher interest rate a Bank offers to borrowers under trust loans. So, credit program, "green thumb" you can get a loan up to 1.5 million rubles under 17% per annum. The money can hold water to a garden plot, to build a bath or to buy a house. In this case, when the loan for the term up to 3 years to confirm intended use of funds is not required. Credit "green thumb" is issued with the involvement of guarantors (two in the loan amount from 300 thousand rubles) and the provision of collateral. In the documents, which must provide the borrower and the guarantor enter passport; proof of income; documents in support. You will also need to confirm the affiliation to the target segment. The quality of the documents you can provide membership book garden (dacha) cooperative, partnership; agreement on the use of facilities for gardening and horticulture; the documents confirming the property on a land parcel; for those who are just planning to buy a plot statement that they purchased land in the holiday Association.
For people who plan to develop private farming, agricultural can I get a loan with a rate of 14%. This program is subsidized by the state. On credit to purchase equipment, seeds, tubers, animals and birds, agricultural equipment, renovate production facilities, etc. For the loan of the required application form; a passport; an extract from the household book. The citizen must be a registered plot intended for farming.
Depending on the size of the down payment mortgage in Rosselkhozbank issued at the rate of 11.9%. The borrower can choose their preferred method of repayment of the loan - differentiated and annuitant payments. A mortgage loan is granted after providing the borrower (co-borrower, guarantor) passport; proof of income; documents in the purchased (constructed) housing; documents confirming the right of ownership to land; documents on the proposed provision. Depending on the complexity of the transaction, the Bank may request other documents.
Car loans in Rosselkhozbank for buying a new car is available at the rate of 14%, used - from 14.5%. The loans are secured by the purchased automobile and mandatory insurance CASCO. The borrower will need your passport; proof of income; copy of labor book (employment contract), certified by the employer.