Advice 1: How to make photo bright

Suppose you have an image that, in General, you like, but you would like to make it more bright and saturated. Using different techniques of Adobe Photoshop, you can add photos of the brightness, the brilliance and suggestiveness. Of course, it all depends on your skills with this program and having a vibrant imagination, you can change the image beyond recognition, but if you are proficient in this program, the following will be able to find the manual. Following it, you will be able to significantly improve his image. So, let's start.
How to make photo bright
Open the program Adobe Photoshop. It open the photo you want to retouch.
Apply Filter – Sharpen – Sharpen (Filter – Sharpen – Sharpen).
Apply the "Image" – "Adjustments" – "Levels" (Images – Adjustement – Levels) or just hit "Ctrl + L". Set the following options:

Input Levels – 13, 1.09, 241

Output Levels – 0, 225
Duplicate the layer, set the blending mode of the layers to "Lighten" (Blending options – screen), put the opacity to 39%.
Then apply the "Image" – "Adjustments" – "Color balance" (Images – Adjustement – Color balance). Set the following options:

S: -62, +20, +47

M: +33, -17, +6

H: -9, +5, +25
Now create a new layer, fill color #faf2ca, set the blending mode of the layers to "Lighten" (Blending options – screen), set the opacity to about 31%.
Again create a new layer, fill color #bebebe. Set the blending mode of the layers of "Glow" (Luminostry), the opacity of this layer to 31%.
Duplicate the previous layer, set the blending mode "Lighten" and the opacity to 38%.
Go to "Image" – "Adjustments" – "Color balance" (Images – Adjustement – Color Balance). Set the parameters:

+53, -33, +17
Create a new layer, fill it with color #0d004c, blending mode "Exclusion" (Exclusion), opacity 54%.
Duplicate the previous layer, blending mode set "Soft light" (Soft Ligth), put the opacity to 50%.
The "dimmer" (similar to the hand with the United thumb and index fingers), select a soft brush size 65, Midtones, opacity 50%. Dim this tool, some areas on the cheeks, hair, hands, etc.
Now duplicate secondary image, set this layer to the top, obestochte. Put the blending mode to Soft light (Soft Light), opacity 47%.
Now, if you want, add a picture and brush text. Combine all the layers. Your image is ready.

Advice 2: How to make a photo the right size

Change size of pictures sometimes is a necessary condition to load it on any website. The most common program for this operation is Adobe Photoshop. This function also include a program-"viewers". However, having mastered the algorithm changes the image in Photoshop, you will easily be able to use other programs.
How to make a photo the right size
You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop, image.
Run the program and open the photo. To do this, click on the icon with the right mouse button and select "Open with" (Photoshop). Either already in the program in the control panel select the entry "Open" (Ctrl+O) and in the appeared window select the image.
Select the image by clicking on the toolbar "Rectangular area" and stretching the dotted rectangle on the entire image. You can use the keys Ctrl+A.
Copy the image to a new file (Ctrl+N or command "File - New", then "Edit - Paste" or Ctrl+V) if you want to keep the original. Further work in the new file. If you don't need to keep the original size, the following operation can be made in the source file.
Click on control panel, the "Image – image Size". As a rule, by default, the program aspect ratio to "linked" (the chain icon). If you specify a new length of one side, the other will change to match the original proportions. You can change the size in pixels or choose a convenient measure of measurement cm, mm, inches, etc.
Save the file with the command "File – Save or File – Save as..." if you were working with a new document.
Click "Crop" on the toolbar, if you want not only to resize but to crop the photo. Select the required area using the frame and press Enter. If you want to make the image perfectly square, with "tension" frame hit "Shift". The image will be proportional. The frame also can be moved.
Save the file. And don't forget to periodically save intermediate step.
Useful advice
To change the size of the image is preferably reduced. Otherwise, the quality characteristics of the image deteriorates. If you enlarge the photo slightly and in a small format, it is quite acceptable.

Advice 3: How to make photo in pop art style

Any portrait or just a picture you can draw in the style of pop art. This direction in art has become popular thanks to Andy Warhol, who created collages from the most unexpected things. To create images in this style, especially if you have the skills to work with Photoshop.
How to make photo in pop art style
It is desirable that the photo had clear boundaries, a man looked straight into the camera lens. First you need to cut the object with a native background and place it on the new. It is important that the object and background were on different fields. If the background is plain, you use the "Magic wand", if not, to highlight, choose the Pen tool.
The image in the style of pop art is known for very high contrast. Bright background, place under the working layer that is under the layer with the object.
Now make the picture more contrast. Make sure that you are on the layer with the object. Select Image - Adjustment - Threshold (Image -> Adjustment -> Threshold ). In the auxiliary window, move the slider so that there is a sufficient number of shadows, and the object retains the shape and outline.
Highlight part of the image that will be painted in color. Each of them copy on its own layer. To do this, use the keys Alt + Ctrl + J. name each layer. Change the blending mode to "Multiply" (Multiply). Click OK.
Alternately activate each layer (Ctrl and click). Go to menu "Edit - Fill" (Edit> Fill). Click on the line "to Use" (Use). In the opened window, select the line "Color" (Color). A color palette appears, select a color at their discretion.
Double-click on the layer. A window will open the "layer Styles" (Layer Style). Select "Fill color". Change the blending Mode of the layers (blending mode to "Color" (Color). Select the color, click OK. Repeat this procedure for each layer.
Save the image in format .psd, make copies of painted layers. Now you can very easy to change the color of a plot using the Hues/Saturation (Hue/Saturation).
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