You will need
  • To add a glow effect in photoshop, first of all it is necessary that the object, the contours of which will be lit, was on a separate layer. How to separate an object from its background written many times in other articles on this now in our guide we will not stop.
So, we have a separate layer with the object. To make it easier to configure the settings of the glow, it is advisable to put under the object another layer of dark color, against which all the details will be visible.

Select the layer with the object. Go to the menu Layer>Layer Style>Outer Glow (a Glow outside), or click on the icon "fx effect" at the bottom of the layers panel.

See the quite extensive field settings:

– glow color; it can be monochromatic or changing color, depending on the distance to the object.

– the width of the halo and the intensity of the glow

– you can also vary the overlay algorithm the glow – best suited modes, Lighten and Screen
Therefore, custom glow contour of the object outward. After this, proceed to the next tab Inner Glow (Glow inside). Settings here like.
To look naturally, you need to remember that even if, logically, the object lights up only outside, any optical system including the human eye, due to the non-absolute transparency of the cornea and lens slightly blurs the bright glare, they look beyond the boundaries of the light source, so when the intense glow of the outside contour of the Outer Glow, inside you'll still need to play along with a slight glow Inner Glow.
In our compositions may be any number of layers with the objects, each of which can be tailored to individual settings – color and character.
In addition, if we want to represent individual point light source, you can use the Lens Flare filter (menu Filer>Render>Lens Flare), which simulates the response of the various camera lenses on the appearance of a bright light source. Thus we can add to the composition any number of light bulbs, lamps and spotlights.
Combining different types of glow effects, applying them to different layers, we can achieve a very vivid and memorable – a fantastic and realistic results.